Thursday, 9 April 2015

Shopback, the way to get paid when you shop

I love shopping but when you are bleeding cash it might not be as enjoyable as it can be. This is when we start looking out for deals and discount coupons, crossing our fingers hoping we find something that meets what we had in mind. More often than not, you will be glued to your chair browsing sites after sites for hours never to find what you actually wanted, rarely finding a moment that you can exclaim aha! Found it.

Well, today I just struck a pot of gold! I stumbled across a site that actually pays me to shop and I encourage anyone who is still out there desperately looking for coupons and discount codes to join me. You must be curious to find out what site this is, I will tell you more in just a moment… In the meantime let me tell more about how this site works.

To simply summarize it, the site I am going to tell you about refers merchants to you at discounted rates. When making a purchase from the merchant site, they will receive a commission which they generously share with you.

Got your heart racing and all hyped up? I shall not withhold this magical site any longer, it is On Shopback, different merchants offer different discount rates and cash back rates. The mechanism is simple, the more you shop the more you save, there is no limits to the cashback you can earn! You will still be able to enjoy getting your cash back on top of existing discount and voucher codes, so take the time to give your mind the mental break from tabulating figures. You must be wondering how do you get your cash back, simply make a purchase from your favourite merchant and get your cashback in a short period of 1-2 days. At the end of every month you can transfer the money out to your preferred bank account or PayPal account. Most bank accounts are accepted by Shopback, so enjoy this hassle free shopping experience. Here is a screenshot of the ShopBack website!


The best part about Shopback is that they include a large variety of goods for you to choose from. Ranging from Fashion, Shopping, Travel, Electronics, Home and Living and even Food & Drinks. You must be in disbelief but these merchants include renowned brands.

Here are some of the selected merchants. When it comes to skin care and makeup, Luxola tops the list. You will be spoilt for choice, Luxola carries over 4000 products with over 250 brands. Luxola also provides an advice and review platform that can help you choose products that better meets your needs. Find out more about Luxola coupons here today!

Next on the list, we have Agoda, a hotel booking site famous for having the best price guarantee. Agoda has given their personal guarantee that if you can book the same room for the same price on a same date they will beat it or match it. To find out more about Agoda deals, just click here

Lastly, we have Expedia that helps to cover your travel needs. They offer booking services ranging from hotels, flights, cars and even attractions. Check out their hot travel deals and promotions here.

With so many great deals and brands to choose from, hope you have fun shopping and saving at Shopback.