Sunday, 25 January 2015

Zoum business cards

Business cards are all about establishing connections with another person. Before making a name card many of us tend to underestimate how difficult it is to get that perfect card. There are just so many things to consider, it goes all the way from the feel of the card, the type of card and the details you want people to see.

When it comes to business cards, Zoum is my guy. What I really love about them is how friendly and attentive they are. They really bring customization to a whole new level, really giving a personal touch to every individual card. We would normally have a second thought when we hear the word customization because it always sounds so expensive, but guess what Zoum makes their cards at a highly affordable rate.

Personally, I like letterpress cards. It feels great to glide your fingers over embossed area feeling assured that your details will never fade even if the inks go. A business card is more than it meets the eye and having a unique card will guarantee that you will be remembered. So, the next time to make a card remember to personalize it.