Monday, 14 April 2014

What's in my bag?

Celine trio bag (similar) - I have been using it almost everyday. I love how the Celine trio bag have 3 compartments which allows me to categorize the items in my bag. It always is a drag when you have to fumble around your bag and never finding that item which you are looking for. Well if you are just like me, it is time for you to get a bag like this!

Left to right. 

1. Diorskin nude concealer - I use the concealer whenever I need to cover up those hideous eye bags and dark circles from my lack of sleep.

2. Diorshow brow styler - I have yet to use this, but I just placed it in my bag to remind myself that I got to use it some time soon (you must be thinking that I'm so weird, haha).

3. Chanel lipstick (rogue coco shine, 57 Aventure) - I love this lip shade, it helps refresh the lips and keeps it luscious.

4. La Mer lip balm - I have extremely dry lips and cracks whenever I do not have my lip balm on. La Mer lip balm is great, it has kept my lips moist and the cracking have stopped ever since I've used it . If you dry lips like mine, you may wanna consider this lip balm! 

5. Beyond hand cream - This was a gift from my friend. I love the smell of this hand cream. Thank you lee!

6. Braun buffel wallet - I have been using this wallet since high school and it packs a great load of memories. 

7. Hairband and bobby pin - Hairbands are a necessity when it comes to keeping your hair in place especially when dinning (don't wanna have my hair in my food).  

8. Portable charger - Photo editing applications drains my battery to drain out real fast I can never leave the house without one of this babies. It is the cutest portable charger ever *grin*.

9. Iphone 5 -  I'm one of those people who can't live without my phone.

10. Karen walker sunglasses - I live in a country that is sunny all year round and sunglasses are essential. Karen walkers are my favorite brand of sunglasses.

What do you put in your bag? Have you done a what's in my bag post before? Share it with me, I would love to take a peek! :)


  1. That's such a pretty bag! Love the Chanel lipstick too :) I'm actually planning to do a 'what's in my bag' soon, I carry a lot of stuff most of the time though :p

  2. That portable phone charger is so adorable!

  3. That charger is ridiculously cute! I really love posts like these. I'd love to do one, but the contents of my bag is unfortunately really embarassing. Lots of old reciepts etc lol.

  4. that tiny purse sure holds a lot! love that chanel lip color too... i have one but ended up giving it to my mom coz it looks even better on her :)

    rachel x

    1. ahhh no. my mistake. i confused rouge coco shine shade "evasion" with "aventure"... aventure is one that has been on my wishlist, so now i need to look into it coz it looks so pretty!

  5. Such a cute purse, I love that it has compartments because I'm definitely always fumbling around for my keys or something.

  6. That's such a gorgeous bag, especially in that colour! I'm actually surprised you can fit so much stuff in it.

  7. Heyyyy! You have suchhhh a gorgeous blog, lovely! I was immediate captivated by the photography and uhhhh the cleanness of your bag, haha. I have so much junk in mine that I'm scared to clean it out. :P And what does that hand cream smell like? It's so pretty I imagine it smells fruity?

  8. That hand cream packaging is so cute!!

  9. cutest bag ever! you're so organized, too. the wallet and sunglasses are lovely. xx

  10. Hey love! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, always love getting to know who my readers are! Was just exploring your blog and personally felt it very captivating- definitely one that's meant to awaken the sentimental parts in us (you and your boyfriend make such a good couple!) , yet interesting as it finds its way into various topics! Please do keep the blog going, you've just got yourself a new avid reader ;)


  11. Your bag is so beautiful and I really enjoyed this blog post. :)

  12. Love this concealer! I use it all the time.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  13. Such a cute bag and inside- the most awesome sunglasses ever! <3

  14. I love your bag and your Chanel lipstick :)
    I always have one in mine as well xx

  15. oooooooooomg don't tell me it's a céline clush <3

  16. I love that bag. The idea of having 3 compartments is so smart. I am carrying a bag with one large compartment and it seems like a bottomless pit lol. I love "What's in My Bag" posts. I just did one also.

  17. I love the Celine bag, obviously i can't afford but Zara did a version and I made sure to snap it up. and that purse is so cute I need it in my life xx