Monday, 2 December 2013

The Made in England Chic

Vauxhall Motors decided to add some spicy inspiration into celebrating its 110th anniversary. The necessary talent and dedication was found in Katy England, one of the most notable British stylists. She directed the movie, styled the characters and brought the spirit of the modern age. The Vauxhall Made in England movie it is one of a kind now, as its 5:56 minute duration captures and entertains the audience with a journey of meeting the British young culture. In the late night, a mature man drives on the country roads of England in a Vauxhall Ampera and finds a confused young boy with tattooed hands, looking like a hitchhiker. The man helps the young boy by giving him a ride, letting him take a nap in his car and later buying him a coffee in a small restaurant. The next scene is all about driving through the day city and rescuing a teenager from a group of angry young guys, riding on bikes. As the man looks at the time on his watch, while driving through the country, the music in the car changes and there are 2 innocent young girls in the back of the car. One of them put a red lipstick on her lips, the other one applies mascara on her eyelashes. Both of them are enjoying the ride as they look through the window with excitement and anticipation. In the city, the man is noticing a chic gang of young people who are walking down the street, having fun, hugging each other and looking like the night was made for them. 

 The short movie represents 4 scenes of iconic movements in British youth culture today. Each gives the driver a glimpse of his own youth and reminds the viewer of how precious and fleeting that time can be. The film portraits Britain and its youth tribes perfectly, capturing the fairy tale state that driving can bring and giving insight into the distinct stages and emotions of teenage life. The Vauxhall Made in England is a hit of English filmmaking, advertising and fashion that represents an impressive window into the life of British young people.