Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Littlewoods product reviews september running in winter

                              Running in winter: which shoes are best for your feet?

  However committed a runner you are, there's something about winter that tends to make you want to retreat into the nearest temperature-controlled gym and not come out until the sun shines again. There's no denying the cold, rain and snow can make outdoor sessions much less appealing, but if you choose the right set of running shoes, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to get out there in the fresh air to enjoy a lengthy workout as usual. 

So, which shoes can see you through the seasons? Nike Air Max shoes are particularly popular, as well as being undeniably attractive. The range of colours and patterns that this model of shoe comes in is frankly, overwhelming, but there's nothing wrong with being spoiled for choice. From buoyant pinks and spotty greens, to gold-heeled engineered mesh and straight-laced grey, there's definitely something for everyone. The problem here is that you won't want to get them dirty - and in winter, chances are whatever you're wearing is going to get more than a little scuffed.

Still, running isn't all about appearances. If you're serious about it, you'll select some plainer Nike Air Max runners to reap the benefits of their design and support, rather than to take part in the local cross-country fashion parade. Winter brings with it slippery pavements, weathered rocky concrete, leafy avenues and sludgy grassy parks, and the most important benefit of these shoes is that they're ingeniously designed to cushion your foot with every pound of the pavement. Lightweight enough to be worn just for comfort, these shoes should enhance your performance on unyielding terrain.
The mid-soles on the most recent models are foamless, which provides cushioning and total stability for the base of the foot. Most trainers do have to be broken in, but this should be quick and painless - no blisters in sight. Popular amongst long distance runners, these shoes can feel almost too light. The downside to this is that you do wonder just how stabilised your feet are as you sprint or jog through frost-covered roads; but rest assured, the support is still there. The technology behind these shoes just leaves you free to concentrate on navigating the cold, dark and wet conditions of the looming season without worrying about aching feet or twisted ankles. 

If this sounds overwhelmingly positive, so do all the other reviews. The shoes seem to stand above the rest in terms of their comfort and fit, and particularly so for winter runs. Good trainers should be an investment, and the Nike Air Max should see you through several seasons of all kinds of weather. And if there's one thing that should help motivate you to get out of the house in the cold, it's the excitement of breaking in a brand new pair of trainers.