Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Campus book rentals

Hi College- goers did you ever have the thought of renting textbooks as lucrative? Ever wish that you could make money just from renting your books? Well now you can by visiting RentBack. RentBack allows a student like you to rent your books to other students and it can earn you 2-4 folds more money than any other buyback options! To ensure that you will earn that money you can check the price of your book at their home page!

Well the perks are not only enjoyed by those renting out the book. For college – goers who want to rent books you can visit Campus book rentals. By using Campus book rentals you can enjoy great savings of up to 40% - 90%! On top of that you can feel free to highlight in the textbooks. If you are worried about the shipping, don’t. It is absolutely free! In addition, every single time that you rent a book you are changing lives of others. Proceeds from the rentals go to operation smile. Operation smile is an international medical charity that provides quality surgical care to children’s born with a cleft (facial deformity). Campus book rental also have flexible renting periods so help yourselves and others by dropping by.

So come on down to Rentback & Campus book rentals!