Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Modern Rings: Add a Gem

Diamonds are the world’s morst brilliant a beautiful gemstone. Think about it, how can a simple, clear stone, possess so much fire, scintillation and sparkle? I’m sure we can all agree that diamond rings are gorgeous – but adding color to these rings adds another spectacular element all together. 

Traditionally, engagement and wedding rings are all diamond – just as most wedding dresses are white or cream colored. However, we have recently seen some brides go againsttradition and wear all pink, red, or gold gowns. Another exquisite look is to have the white dress with vibrant colored accents such as a colored sash, beading, or appliqu├ęs. 

Brides-to-be are also looking to express their colorful personalities through their bridal jewelry too. You can think of dazzling diamond anniversary rings as you would a traditional wedding dress. An all diamond band is of course beautiful and an all colored gemstone band also looks nice but combining the diamonds and the gemstones is really a match made in heaven! 

You can add gemstones to rings in a variety of ways. Engagement rings look absolutely eye-catching with a colored center stone surrounded by diamonds – think Princess Diana and now Princess Kate’s engagement ring. You can mix colored gemstones into the wedding band or set one on each side of the center diamond. 

Celebrate a special anniversary with a colored stone and diamond anniversary or eternity band. This has all the sentiment and elegance of a diamond band – but it includes a vibrant pop of color that sets it apart from the rest. 

Like to stack your bands? How about getting one band that is all diamond, with two more that feature your favorite colored gemstones to add to either side of the diamond band? This is a great look plus, you can now interchange these bands to create different looks. 

At Anjolee, all of our rings are customizable and most of them have the option to add gemstones to it. Oh, and did I mention that substituting gemstones for some of the diamonds can reduce the cost of the piece you are buying? It’s true. Take a look, get creative, and create the ring of your dreams!

*This is a sponsored post.