Sunday, 21 April 2013

What to wear to a job interview

As fashion evolves and boundaries begin to blur, it’s getting harder and harder to see the lines between formal wear and day wear, smart clothes and office attire.  To make it more complicated, many offices now exercise an informal clothing policy, but it isn’t appropriate to wear jeans when you go for an interview.
Tradition states to go for plain and simple, and even in the modern world, this is not bad advice.  A classic black or navy suit with a white shirt may not earn points for excitement but is guaranteed not to offend any future employer.  However, if you feel you want to show off some of your character and tastes then perhaps opting for a more vibrant appearance could be fitting.

Isme offer an excellent range of ladies suits, all of which combine connotations of professionalism with a bit of style alongside.  If you’re carrying additional weight and hope to convey a slimmer appearance you may want to opt for a wider leg pair of trousers with a short bright jacket and a simple plain t shirt underneath.  Likewise if you want to achieve a tailored look, try a pencil dress combined with a suit jacket to show that you’re in touch with current fashion but still able to dress correctly for an office environment. 

When it comes to accessorising the old adage that less is more is perfectly appropriate.  You want the interviewer to remember you for your skills, not your eyebrow and nose piercing or large gold hoop earrings.  On a similar note, scarves can often add a stylish polish to an outfit, but one that clashes with the suit or detracts attention from your answers should be left at home.

Finally, when preparing for your interview, use subtle make up - nothing too loud. Make sure your finger nails are clean and polished in a neutral tone or buffed to perfection.
Remember; you only get one chance to make a fantastic first impression – so put some time and energy into making sure you look the part!