Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Valentine’s Gifts for the Man in your Life

Us girls are so easy to buy for. Jewellery, flowers, chocolates, wine, perfume, make-up, lingerie, candles…the list goes on and on and on! However, finding a romantic gift for the man in your life can be a much more difficult prospect.
In the main, men don’t appreciate ‘hearts and flowers’ type gifts as much as women do, which can make romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day particularly difficult to buy for. Instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, why not get him something that he really wants – even if that means going for a gift that’s more practical than personal.

Mr Stylish
Clothes can be a safe bet for a man who likes to look good. Why not treat him to some new spring/summer fashions so that he’s all good to go for the new season. This is an especially good idea if you’re planning a holiday somewhere hot early in the year, as men aren’t best know for their organisational streaks.
Chino shorts make great men’s gifts, and they’re ideal for a stylish man who wants to be seen in the latest trends. Graphic tees are another good choice, especially if you’re on a budget.
Alternatively, why not treat him to a gift card or take him shopping so that he can choose his own?

Gadget Guy
If you’ve got a guy who loves gadgets in your life then why not give him what he wants, whether that’s an iPod, a Kindle, a console or something else. If you can’t stretch to those examples, and your man already has an apple device, why not simply pop an iTunes card in with a love note, and let him spend it on whatever music, apps or games he likes? At apple.com you can make it personal by choosing your own card design and have it delivered free of charge.

Action Man
Those who are lucky enough to have bagged themselves an action man could consider treating him to an outdoor ‘experience’. Choose from rally car driving, go karting, clay pigeon shooting, paintballing, archery - the options are endless. You could even arrange for him to drive a tank or learn stunts! Take a look at Red Letter Days for inspiration, or keep an eye on the discount voucher websites like Groupon and KGB Deals, as these kinds of deals often crop up on them at a discount.

Gamer For Life
Men that don’t like computer games are (sadly) few and far between. At ASDA you’ll find low prices on pre-order games, so your man can have his coveted game on release day! You’ll also benefit from free UK delivery. This also applies to CDs, DVDs and books, so if your other half has a different passion – maybe he’s a film buff or loves to keep up to date with new music - you can indulge that without spending more on delivery, instead.

The trick when buying gifts for men is to steer clear of the romantic gifts that you might like, and give him what he really wants instead. He’ll be amazed that you know him so well, which can only bode well for brownie points when it comes to what really matters – your gift!

*This is a sponsored post.