Sunday, 10 June 2012


Yesterday we had pizza and it was Ben last day of his exam, you can't imagine how happy I was. Pizza! When we were there eating they happen to play all my favorite songs. Yes I'm kind of weird, loving all those old love songs.

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  1. i LOVE pizza! i can eat it everyday if it wasn't unhealthy. LOL. but this pizzeria looks very cosy. i like it.

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  3. thank you so much for your nice comment.
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  4. Hey I had pizza yesterday too! We had it delivered to our home though. So delicious, mmmmm.


  5. I love pizza omg!I love the pics!

  6. yummi, looks fine the pizza
    and the nailpolish is very cool :)

  7. looks like a really nice place! love the pics

  8. thanks!!
    i like ur blogdesign very much.
    maybe i should follow you :D

  9. hi Ting, so i've been by a few times since you left a comment but each time i get all caught up in your images and stories then i inevitably run out of time and forget to comment. now's the time to say a proper "ello" and thanks for visiting me.

    your blog is really awesome lades,i love seeing what you 2 get up to and omg you're adorable together!!! this pizza date is no exception, congrats to Ben for finals and what a perfect way to celebrate it. cheers, hope you're enjoying some relaxation this weekend! ♥

  10. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love how you two go on such amazing dates! I'm quite envious actually because my significant other lives across the Pacific Ocean and it's so hard for the two of us to see each other. Seeing other couples like you two being so happy makes me want to work even harder to keep my relationship strong as ever so that when we do get to see each other again, it'll be as though we were never apart.

    Thanks for always inspiring!


  11. Nice pictures of food!
    Love those pictures (:

    Stéph❀nie's Notebook

  12. Looks like a great place to eat - love your pics! Stephie x

  13. the pizza pic looks so good, yumm

  14. That is one mouth-watering pizza!! Love your nail polish <3

  15. Your blog is amazing, such an inspiration. Hope you pass by and follow me or we can follow each other.

    xo, Vanessa

  16. the pizza looks amazing, haha I literally just had some :)

  17. Oh now I want pizza haha, seems like a good way to celebrate the end of the exams season, and that strawberry dessert looks delicious too!

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  18. the dessert looks so good!!!!!!

  19. I die over dessert! I'm such a fan of sweets and food in general! Lovely pics! I can't help but be your fan!- Jessica


  20. Beautiful photos. That food looks so delicious.

    Great choices in Lippman polish. I have that red one and I love it.